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LINZA is committed in its pursuit of excellence and client service in its areas of practice: Business Management, Business Consulting, Accounting, Business and Personal Taxes. The Firm is located in White Plains, NY and was founded to provide quality service to small and mid-size businesses and individuals in various industries. We are QuickBooks  Certified Pro Advisor and can help you master this fantastic software and put it to your personal or business use.

How is your business staying competitive in today's fast-moving market? Are you taking full advantage of your financial information? Are you making better business decisions? Research shows that most start ups fail due to funds mismanagement. How are you staying afloat? Are you staying competitive globally?  Contact us to find out how to make better business decisions and stay globally competitive.
  • If you are a start-up company and need help with budgets and projections to impress your potential investors, we have the knowledge and the experience to help you succeed! 

  • If you realized you may have to report prior years' FBAR (Foreign Bank Account Reporting) and/or Foreign Assets Reporting - we have extensive experience helping clients successfully complete the disclosure requirements. Even if you are several years behind, we can help!

  • Same-sex Married couples, who want to learn about the tax consequences of the most recent DOMA overturn, don't hesitate to ask!

  • Have a foreign business and want presence in the United States, but want to do it right? We CAN help!

We are Certified Public Accountants (CPA's) with years of experience managing businesses, helping people get to financial stability and providing tax assistance. We do not specialize in any one industry, and our clients like us for high-quality, fast and reliable service, professionalism and complete confidentiality. We also take care of our Earth and consider ourselves Green Accountants. Plus, we save You money, too. Learn More...

We provide a variety of services: Accounting, QuickBooks assistance and Tax,  but we also try to give you useful tips you can use.

  • Learn more about tax consequences of DOMA overturn for same-sex married couples! Contact us! Read a great article by MarketWatch  
  • U.S. and Switzerland signed FATCA agreement. This is big for those who have come forward with Foreign Accounts and for those who haven't. There is still time to participate in the OVDI program by the IRS. Contact us for details! Just recently a Florida taxpayer was fined 150% of maximum account balance for hiding offshore accounts (Credit Swiss was also fined!) - so this is getting real. Come to us!


Check out our blog with various tips on how to optimize your financial life - Financial Survival Kit 

Do you have a valid will? Do you need one?

Most people have never considered having a will - and it's too bad. Common misconception is that one has to have "something", some sort of property, money in the bank to need a will. Consider this: a young couple has no property and lives from paycheck to paycheck, but they have a small child whom they love more than anything. Do they need a will? Of course they do! Why? Who will be raising their child in an unlikely event that they both shall die? Without a will, blood relation rules. So, if there are no grandparents, the child may be left in the custody of one's 3rd cousin (if there is nobody else around). What if the couple had a friend who has always lived nearby and whom the child adores?? You need a valid will in order to name this person as a guardian for your child.

Please contact us for more information - we work closely with attorneys who can help you secure your future and the future of your children.


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